Driving to Shaver Lake from the South

If you are coming from Southern California, take any highway that gets you to Interstate 5. This will take you over the mountains through Tehachapi Pass and into the San Joaquin Valley. When the highway splits into Interstate 5 and Highway 99, take Highway 99 toward Bakersfield.|

You will travel through Bakersfield, Delano, Tulare and Visalia. You can cut off approximately one hour by turning off at Kingsburg, approximately 20 miles north of Visalia. When you cross the Kings River, the next exit (approximately one mile) will have a sign that reads "Fresno County Lakes", the exit is Mendocino Ave.

Turn right and follow Mendocino through the town of Kingsburg through a few stop signs. Mendocino will go through the western edge of the town of Parlier and end at a stop sign at Adams Ave. Turn left and go to the next stop sign less than one mile to Academy Ave. Academy is presently under construction.

So continue ahead to McCall. Turn right on McCall. Continue on McCall until you come to Shaw. Turn right and proceed to Academy. Turn left and take it till it ends at Hwy 168 (Tollhouse Road). Turn right and follow the signs up Hwy 168 to Prather, approximately 15 miles.

From the stop sign in Prather, turn left and take Hwy 168 to the next stop sign. You will turn left and head up the famous "4-lane" for approximately eight miles. Then 168 narrows down again. You will go by Cressman's Store and Texaco Gas Station. The elevation at Cressman's is approximately 4800'. Continue up Hwy 168 approximately six miles to Shaver Lake, which is the focal point for The Shaver Lake Basin.