Cross Country Skiing

Camping is something that families can do together that will bring them closer and help them establish some long lasting memories. Camping certainly means something different to many people.

With some it's walking through the forest, dropping a sleeping bag on the ground, cooking over a wood fire and gathering water from a stream. With others it driving a 40 foot diesel pusher RV into a specialty camping facility, hooking up to utilities and asking for the wireless internet code.

The great thing about camping though, is anyone can do it. You can spend very little or more than an annual income for the method that you select to do your camping.

What can be more fun than gathering the kids around the campfire and teaching them how to make s'moores. You know, the combination of a burning marshmallow, topped with a piece of Hershey's chocolate shoved between two graham crackers. It's messy, it's fattening, it's camping!!!

So why not plan on driving up the the Shaver Lake area in the near future for a couple days of fun in the sun. Just remember to put out your campfire, watch the stars in the clear sky and breath in the clean, crisp air when you get a great night's sleep.
Badger Flats Campground
(559) 893-2111
Billy Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111
Upper Billy Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111

Camp Edison
(559) 841-3134

College Campground
(559) 893-2111

Deer Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111

Dinkey Creek Campground
(559) 841-2705

Jackass Meadows Campground
( 559) 893-2111

Midge Creek Group Campground
(559) 893-2111

Mono Hot Springs Campground
(559) 893-2111

Mono Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111

Kinnikinnick Campground
(559) 893-2111

Portal Forebay Campground
(559) 855-5355

PG&E Campground Facilities
(559) 865-3678

Rancheria Campground
(559) 893-2111

Dorabella Campground
(559) 841-3533

Vermilion Valley Campground
(559) 893-2111

Wishon Village RV Park
(559) 865-2111