Loggers Jamboree

The Logger's Jamboree is being sponsored by the Pine Ridge Boosters in partnership with China Peak Landing.

The gate opens at 10 AM and the event starts at 12 pm. Be sure to bring a hat, your sunscreen, chairs and be ready for a great time next to a beautiful Sierra lake.

The event pays tribute to the loggers of time past and those still keeping the tradition alive today. Participants in the Jamboree help us appreciate and honor the loggers craft and hard work, while keeping us entertained through out the competition.

All proceeds from the Jamboree go into The Pine Ridge Boosters General Fund, to keep local facilities, programs, and events going year after year. In between the competition’s events there are local food vendors and crafts to purchase. Click here for details and tickets.

So plan on coming up for the weekend and have fun with your friends and family. There are lots of places to stay at the local campgrounds as well as a wide variety of other accommodations from private cabins to bed and breakfast facilities or motels.

Since summer is a time that the sun spends a lot of the time in the sky, it is good to remember to bring your sunscreen and a hat. The evenings can cool off, so a light jacket will be appropriate. Bug repellent is also an item that should be kept in supply.

The weather can always be a safety factor in the Sierra. Thus it is important to have warm dry clothes, water, food, first aid kit, a flashlight and extra batteries when heading into the woods.

You can also enjoy the North Fork Loggers Jamboree in July