Whatever your boating choice, the Sierra National Forest provides numerous opportunities for canoeing, water skiing, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, whitewater rafting, kayaking and house boating.

You can find wet and dry boat storage as well as boat and personal watercraft rentals. There are full service marinas at Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake that provide all the daily necessities, such as gasoline, fishing licenses, food, snacks, apparel, fishing tackle, marine supplies and sporting equipment.

Shaver Lake is located about 55 miles east of Fresno, on State Highway 168. The lake is located in the Sierra National Forest, at an elevation of 5,370 feet. Huntington Lake is another 20 miles north at an elevation of around 7,500 feet.

These lakes have a large variety of marine life and some of the best fishing, sailing and water skiing in California. The marinas are seasonal businesses that are open from late April to the mid October.

The backcountry lakes offering boat rentals, food, supplies and accommodations include Edison, Florence and Wishon.

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